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Marley's Pet Planet



Marley's Pet Planet creates
the healthiest, homemade, 
specialty goods for dogs.
We make everything with the purest ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals..

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All About Wine Tasting Baja Wine Tours

Enjoy Baja Mexico's Finest wines in Valle Guadalupe

 We promote self wellness by taking time off and traveling to a vineyard. As you enjoy the wonderful  views most of them offer you come close to nature and prepare yourself to taste the fruit from earth that combined with the art of the winemaker it becomes a unique wine we can enjoy in the company of friends and family, and create unforgettable memories. 

Come join us and enjoy Valle Guadalupe's finest wineries.


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San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours


 San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours invites you to savor fine wines, local beers and hand crafted spirits, paired with mouth-watering food, while expert guides entertain you on a relaxing chauffeured tour, exciting train tour, or delightful walking tour. 

  Showcasing the best of San Diego County wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants.  

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The Red Spade Theater




2539 Congress Street Old Town San Diego, Ca 92110

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Canvas & Paint


Welcome to Wine and Canvas San Diego!

 Since 2012, we have entertained thousands of guests through our mobile paint parties. Our events are perfect for corporate events, team building, holiday parties, birthdays, and any social occasion. 

Public Events:

 Go to our events calendar for dates, times and locations at local venues. Register with friends, family, co-workers, or a date! 

Corporate Events & Private Parties:

 Let us help you create a fun and amazing creative experience for you and your guests. We travel to restaurants, wine bars, breweries. office settings, hotels, private locations and more. In 2018, we painted with 300 guests at our largest corporate event ever! Contact us to book your next event!